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Learn Letters with Pandions

Learn Letters is the perfect app for parents who want to help their young children learn tracing letters of the alphabet and teach spelling in a fun, educative, and user-friendly way.

This educational app is specifically designed to make learning engaging and enjoyable for children ranging from kindergartners to preschoolers. It offers a range of tracing games that help kids recognize letter shapes, associate them with sounds, and apply their alphabet knowledge in fun matching exercises. With the easy-to-follow guidance of tracing arrows with their finger children can effortlessly learn the English alphabet.

Additionally, the app features a spelling game, a game to find missing letters, and a game to match capital letters with lowercase ones.

But Learn Letters is not only an app for children. It was also created with adults in consideration. To access the game menu, parents must solve a math question. Parents can track their child's progress by viewing how many times a specific letter has been completed, both in uppercase and lowercase letters. Additionally, parents can monitor how many words have been unlocked and the remaining ones to unlock.


  • A playful letter tracing feature for learning both capital and lowercase letters.
  • Unlock new object words by completing the letter tracing feature.
  • 3 additional alphabet games that unlock the animal words feature.
  • An alphabet matching game that matches capitals with lowercase letters.
  • A spelling game that helps you learn to spell the acquired words.
  • A missing letter game that requires you to fill in the missing gap in a word.
  • Fun interactable characters with their own features and languages.
Panda Addie play & learn